The Good Rain

So excited to have been included in this show last minute!

Thank you May!

“A photography group show featuring the recent works of Jake Arcularius, Olivia Bee, Ashby Lee Collinson, Nicole Mark, Sarah Meadows, Missy Prince, Anna Shelton, Jenny Simmons, Rebecca Thom, John Voves, Kersti Jan Werdal, and Dan Wilson.””With strong ties to the Pacific Northwest, these twelve photographers convey in their quiet, day to day practice, the capricious feelings which often result from experiencing the regionʼs atmospheric changes. Whether they abandon themselves to the creative darkness of its famously long, rainy winters or joyfully relish our fleeting, euphoric summers, they have all come to accept that they wouldnʼt want it any other way.” —May Barruel, curator of the exhibition

“In New York City, there is a tree from the Olympic Rain Forest inside a glass cage in the basement of the Museum of Natural History, as frozen as a stuffed moose head. I remember seeing the trunk of that tree, and a little stuffed deer nearby, and some salal bushes and grass and ferns and other plants from the forest inside this window display. In the explanatory museum text, they got it just about right: the story of a single drop of rain that comes from the Pacific wind that feeds on the moisture of the warm sea, sweeps into the land, is forced up the mountains, then falls and becomes part of the ice or snow that will eventually return to earth. Itʼs a fine story, as nature tales go. Lots of conflict and resolution. But Iʼd hate to learn about this place from a glass cage.”
—Timothy Egan, The Good Rain
October 4th – October 30th, 2012
Opening reception Sunday, October 7th, 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. (the café will close at 7)

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